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Phoebe Prince Suicide Case and sean mulveyhill

Phoebe Prince, a fifteen year old girl committed suicide due to cyber bullying at high school. The six students that evoked her to commit suicide through cyber harassment were charged for serious felony. The family of the deceased girl expressed that the nasty behavior of the classmates drove her to commit suicide. But the reports that were furnished by unveiled another story. The website stated that the girl was very depressed way before entering the school. She studied at South HadleyHigh School.

The web site revealed many other disturbing facts regarding the mental stress that Phoebe Prince was going through. The facts that were reported by theweb site revealed that the teenage girl cut herself in 2008. At that time she was studying at another private boarding school. In addition the website reported that the behavior of the girl continued when she moved to Massachusetts with her sister and mother in 2009. At an occasion she even went to the school with a visible cut on her torso. According to sources her body was covered in cuts and bruises from her ribs to the thighs.

Sean Mulveyhill, Austin Renaud, Kayla Narey, Ashley Longe, Flannery Mullens, and Sharon Chanon Velasquez are 6 of 9 students at South Hadley High School implicated in 15-year-old Phoebe Prince's suicide and who now face criminal charges of criminal harassment, stalking, and statutory rape.

The family members of the departed teen advocated that she committed suicide due to her classmates.

Kenny Guinn dies at 73

Former governor Kenny Guinn has died at the age of 73

Born in Garland, Arkansas, in 1936 and grew up in Exeter, California. Kenny Guinn earned undergraduate and graduate degrees in Physical Education from Fresno State, and has a Doctorate in Education from Utah State University.

From 1969 to 1978 he served as Clark County Superintendent; from 1978 to 1993 he served as President and Chairman of the Board of Directors of several major banks and utility companies in Southern Nevada; and he was appointed Interim President of UNLV in 1994.

Kenny Guinn was elected the 28th governor of Nevada in 1998 and was re-elected for a second term in 2002.

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Jessi Slaughter or Kerligirl13 Hot on Search

Jessi Slaughter or Kerligirl13:Become hottest search online
Jessi Slaughter is an eleven year old girl who’s constructing the top rounds on the internet for her video channel on Youtube on which she uses a really bad language. Jessi Slaughter is just eleven years old but if you hear her talking, you can’t tell whether it’s an 11 year old girl verbalizing or a fully grown up, bad-mouthed female who is raving. Jessi Slaughter has her own video channel on Youtube and she places many videos by the name of kerligirl13. These video recordings are created unsupervised and in Jessi’s own room.

Apparently Jessi Slaughter also has many haters who post minus comments about her and in her late video she broke down in front of the camera and even her father turned up in the video to diss all her haters.

While such videos and photos of kerligirl13 are shown on the online web with such young girls placing bad stuff unsupervised over the internet, then one does wonder what the cosmos is coming to; awesome story from Jessislaughter given pcp by her father; kerligirl13.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

1$ billion venture to fight deepwater gulf spills

1$ billion venture to fight with deepwater gulf spills

A new joint venture formed by four of the world’s biggest oil companies will develop a rapid response system for deepwater oil spills in the Gulf of Mexico. Exxon, Shell, Chevron and ConocoPhillips will each contribute 25 percent to a $1 billion company that would be able to mobilize a response within 24 hours to capture and contain deep-sea oil spills, the companies said on Wednesday.

BP, whose blown-out well has leaked as much as 180 million gallons of oil into the Gulf, is not included in the venture but may, along with other companies, be able to use the strike force.
"We don't want to distract them at all," Rex Tillerson, Exxon's chief executive, told the Wall Street Journal. The joint venture’s equipment will include a containment vessel capable of capturing up to 100,000 barrels of oil a day and other equipment to siphon any leaking oil up from the seafloor to a depth of 10,000 feet.

The four companies, which rely on offshore drilling, were not involved in the Gulf oil spill. But the growing catastrophe has dragged down share values as lawmakers promised to beef up regulations against the industry. BP tried and failed several times to contain the gusher off the Louisiana Coast, frustrating residents and lawmakers. The British oil giant was later criticized for grossly underestimating the impact of a deepwater well blowout and overstating its ability to contain it.

The companies will create a nonprofit organization called the Marine Well Containment Company to operate and maintain the response system. ExxonMobil will lead the effort and other companies will be invited to participate.

The response team should be able to start mobilizing within 24 hours of an oil spill, and be fully in place within weeks, Sara Ortwein, vice president of engineering for Exxon Mobil Development Company, told the Wall Street Journal.

Frank Verrastro, an energy expert at the Center for Strategic and International Studies, told the New York Times that such an initiative was badly needed.

“The spill exposed the fact that the industry’s capability on capture and clean-up was 1980s vintage, in part because there was so much reliance on blowout preventers,” he said. “Companies have used their technology to get into the deepwater but they didn’t have an adequate plan to intervene at these depths or to contain a large-scale spill.”

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Walter Hawkins funeral in California

Walter Hawkins funeral

Gospel stars will meet next week in California to celebrate the life of Walter Hawkins. ? Walter will be buried the next morning. The funeral, also held at the Paramount Theatre, scheduled to begin at 11 am Bishop Kenneth Moala will conduct the ceremony.

KTVU will air the funeral of beloved gospel music artist Walter Hawkins today, Wednesday, July 21, 2010 at 11 am PST. Bishop Kenneth Moal Prayer Tabernacle Church of Love, Inc. in Bridgeport, CT preside over the ceremony. All tickets for the concert of gospel Walter Hawkins and the funeral is at half past one. Whoa! According to Love Center Ministries tickets were made available Friday at noon at Paramount Theatre and everyone was gone.

Indian hockey facing tough time

Indian hockey Scandal

Indian hockey has two major scandals that have surprised and shocked some and experiences related to sport. As noted, the Indian hockey has been a support staff of “alleged sexual misconduct” during the tour. In addition, MK Kaushik, what happens, the coach of Indian women’s hockey refused to fly to complain about the Asian Cup for a player.

the national sport of India was further controversy after a female staff member complained to hockey shook the leading authority of the sport in the allegations of sexual harassment by the coaching staff. Narinder Batra, general secretary of Indian hockey – the sport’s governing body said here – Spain real time on Wednesday that a cameraman was released for the Indian women’s hockey team after allegations of sexual exploitation against He supported a head coach MK Kaushik and other staff.

“Mr. Kaushik requests for sexual favors with the girls of Junior and the use of the vernacular, calling in his room under the pretext of the game session. The girls, all poor and humble too afraid to speak out againstthe coach. A few years ago, the coach also had adulterous relationships with a member of the coaching staff lady. It spoils the whole atmosphere of the camp together. Kaushik, when contacted, denied the allegations vehemently. ‘I do not know who wrote the letter. But who wrote it, I want the department to find and punish those guilty of slander my name. All this, I must say. ”

The letter continued: “Our team has had two cameramen. One of them is Mr. Basavraj, which is essentially a photographer of Sports Authority of India, Bangalore employs. He knows what the registration form and no computer skills. The other videographers Ms. Nalini H is a professional software. Nalini is the most important condition of the team in the role of video analysis in modern hockey. But take for each trip abroad Kaushik Basavraj with the team, the reason is Kaushik Basavraj bribes and buy drinks on tours abroad, and pay for their purchases. The whole team is angry against that. “

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Tempe Town Lake Collapse with big explosion

Tempe Town Lake Collapse with big explosion

Witnesses said the collapse of a portion of the dam was a big explosion. sirens filled the air as thousands of gallons of water flowing downstream from the lake. The people in the event that is suddenly a loud noise was due to water penetration, followed witnessed the dry bed of the Salt River was washed with water, and animals were in the path of the water began to fill with fear to flee. Like Tempe Town Lake and the police began rescue rushed to lay off staff, the bed of the river for people who can alert the stores in the bed of the river, people are often in the summer. Without these people were heard to be harmed, but it is likely that some could be drowned in water and their bodies were recovered after a while.

Shortly after 11:00 I look at Michael Monti Monti Casa Vieja and Paul Marquardt, said Chuck Box restaurant and the two were on the scene. We have been informed by reliable sources that the replacement of the section of Tempe Town Lake dam is already in the city. In fact, we were told that the four sections of the dam must be replaced in September this year. Hopefully the new section of the Tempe Town Lake Dam will be replaced soon. “Tempe is not easy, Tempe Lake,” Monti said some of the most important events and crowds flock to the lake twice a year publication.

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The Machine target Arizona law now in discussion

Militant rockers Rage Against the Machine said on Wednesday they would headline a concert to raise money for organizations challenging a new Arizona law that targets illegal immigrants.
The show, the group’s first in its Los Angeles hometown for 10 years, will take place on Friday, and will also raise the profile of a “SoundStrike” artist boycott of the state.

Boycotters include rock bands Nine Inch Nails and leftist musicians such as Billy Bragg, Steve Earle and Ry Cooder, as well as filmmaker Michael Moore. But the music industry is largely ignoring the strike, evidenced by upcoming shows from the likes of big names like Lady Gaga, KISS, Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers, Stone Temple Pilots and Brad Paisley.

This Thursday the Obama Administration plans on taking all of this to court so that they can block the law which is also known as the SB 1070 which allows the state and the local police to investigate the status of the immigration.

There are a lot of mixed views about this and you’ll here many that agree and disagree about what they are doing. However, something needs to be done and hopefully this might be the first step of getting things fixed the right way.

Sara Gilbret now on place of veteran CBS soap

A daily talk show hosted by former “Roseanne” actress Sara Gilbert, which looks at actual issues through the eyes of mothers, will replace CBS’ daytime soap “As the World Turns” this fall. Sources on Wednesday confirmed the plans for theshow, which is also set to feature panelists Julie Chen, Holly Robinson Peete, Sharon Osbourne and Leah Remini.
Deadline Hollywood first reported that CBS had picked the show as the replacement for “World” which goes off the air in September after a 54 year run. The network had also considered a new version of “Pyramid” with Andy Richter as host and a cooking gameshow with Emeril Lagasse. The L.A.-based show , which will likely attract comparabilities to “The View,” has a doubtful October launch date. Gilbert, 35, who played the acerbic daughter on “Roseanne,” has two children with her lesbian partner Allison Adler.
Gilbert first wanted to become an actress at the age of six and has made a few appearances in a variety of television movies plus has done a commercial for Kool Aid. When she was only 13 years old she was able to get the role of Darlene Conner. She has a lot of fans because of Roseanne and many people will be tuned in so that they can watch her.

Eminem Rocks on top of the Charts

Eminem Rocks on top of the Charts

The record album distributed 195,000 copies during the week ended July 18, taking its total to 1.5 million. He gets the first artist to log a four-week stretch at No. 1 on the Billboard 200 since Susan Boyle began a six-week stint in November.No doubt “Recovery’s” continued winner is assisted by its hit single “Love The Way You Lie” (featuring Rihanna), which will acquire the No. 1 spot when the Hot 100 is released on Thursday.

It will mark the beginning back-to-back Hot 100 chart-toppers of his career. The album’s first single, “Not Afraid,” became to No. 1 in May. In all, Eminem has exceeded the Hot 100 four times. The greatest debut on the Billboard 20 and first of six entries in the top 10 came from Korn’s “Korn III Remember Who You Are,” which began at No. 2 with 63,000. The rock band’s last album, 2007′s “Untitled,” debuted and pointed at No. 2 with 123,000 sold in its first week. The last to arrive at the top ten came from M.I.A’s “Maya” that started at No.9 and she sold around 29,000 copies.

The Twilight fans made it possible for The soundtrack to “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” to reach number 6 and at least 28,000 copies have been sold. This could change for Twilight as Eclipse is still in the movies right now and going on strong.

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Antarctic orcas dine on penguins discovered by Scientists

Antarctic orcas dine on penguins discovered by Scientists The scientists latest discovery is said to have found that the orcas were seen regularly feeding upon the penguins in Antarctica. It has also been known that the orcas generally predate the penguins in the northern parts and also along the sub Antarctic island region. But this time it is seen that it is for the first time that these are found seen hunting upon the birds that are in the Antarctic continental waters. Another point to see out was that these orcas were quite choosy regarding which bits and parts of thepenguins they were supposed to eat. They were seen more inclined over to take the best parts of the cuts of the breast meat of the penguin.

The further details regarding this have been published within the Polar Biology. The whole discovery was made by the group of the marine biologists namely Dr. Robert Pitman and Dr. John Durban who belong to the United States. They were involved in the research of the orcas and their behaviour which was seen around the area of Antarctic peninsula. In all, they came up with the above said conclusion about the orcas.
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Shirley Sherrod was Forced to Resign

Shirley Sherrod forced to resign is report that is been revealed from sources which say that the black woman was told to resign from the agriculture office for no reasons. Shirley Sherrod who now is a former director of rural development of Georgia was been ordered by deputy under secretary of USDA Cheryl Cook to submit her resignation. Shirley reportedly said that she received a phone call from the undersecretary ordering her to submit the resignation.

She said that she was driving the car when she received the phone call and when she picked up the phone Cheryl said her that White house wants her to quit. Shirley said she got the call from the office twice and the last time she received the call she was been told to submit the resignation from her phone, which she did. The episode has now taken a controversial turn with some considering it an act of racism and some going against the fact. Sherrod eventually said that she became friends with Famer and worked with him for two years to help him avoid the foreclosure. Besides all these facts, the president of NAACP accepted the resignation saying that the organization does not have any tolerance policy.
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Success of IVF

Success of IVF after a complete cycle predicted by a test
It has been said that a model of personalized predictions might be of great help for those women so as to decide that whether their next coming up cycle for the IVF will succeed or not. This has recently been said by a group of researchers from the United States. The researcher’s team from the Stanford University which is in California has said that they have come up and developed a model with the help of the clinical data which they took from a patient’s previously done failed IVF treatment. It was further seen that nearly 75 percent of the in vitro fertilization and treatments were seen not resulting out in the live births.

The whole research is said soon to be produced in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Science. However another thing to note here is that those women who were seen to have already been gone under this whole experience said that they were quite often not so sure that whether they should try to do the IVF again or not. It has been also said that the whole process of predicting the working of the IVF is not easy as it is said to be very tricky.
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Angelina Jolie will direct a film

Angelina Jolie will direct a film

Jolie will visit Serbia in August to discuss planning of the film and scout locations, local media reported.In the film, a Muslim woman is raped by a Serb at the beginning of Bosnia’s bloody 1992-1995 war. But they eventually fall in love and go together through horrors of the war in which more than 100,000 people were killed. Oscar-winning actress Angelina Jolie is planning to direct her first film in the Balkans. She will also play a leading role in the movie, a love story set in the Bosnian war.

Jolie is a goodwill ambassador for the UN refugee agency UNHCR. She and her husband Brad Pitt visited the Balkans in April, taking a short vacation in Montenegro and visiting refugee camps in Bosnia.

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Bed Bugs Pests found in NY Shopping Mall

Bed Bugs Pests in NY Shopping Mall
Reports say that Bed Bugs or those itchy crawling bugs was been seen in one of New York’s East Side mall particularly Victoria Secret boutique. If this is true then this will really make a no no to go to that boutique or even to that mall so not to be hitchhiked by those hitchhiking bed bugs. I myself wouldn’t want to bring home or have it inside the car to crawl in it. To date, New York retailers bugged by the parasites include Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.
“Any business — siding companies — you wouldn’t think it but they do. Restaurants, furniture stores, hospitals, doctor’s offices, what else? Name something and they could have bed bugs,” Permakil Pest Control worker Ray Hardebeck said. ” They are going to be all over, everywhere before its all done with, unless we get some pesticides, some insecticides that work.”
The bad news is, chemicals used on the pests are monitored by the government and more effective chemicals such as DDT are banned.
It is very important that we all should inspect our clothes and bags especially items we purchase from malls so to make sure that we will not be infested by those creepy crawling pests. A Victoria’s Secret spokeswoman said the New York problem was a small “isolated” case. It is a reality that wherever you go infestation is possible so it is your personal responsibility to inspect and keep cautious diligence of checking your surroundings and your items.
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Unemployment Extension Vote: Hot topic between politicians

Unemployment Extension Vote

The stand-off in the Senate over the unemployment extension has been the cause of many arguments between parties, but this may end soon. After Governor Manchins’ appointment of Mr. Goodwin is sworn into office, Senator Reid will call for a vote, either today or Wednesday. Senator Reid has hinted in the past that this will be the final vote, if Mr. Goodwin votes with the bill, as expected, ending the 6 week filibuster. Several online sources are reporting that the vote will be taken as soon as Mr. Goodwin is sworn in today, while others are reporting tomorrow.

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Shirley Sherrod resigns from USDA

Shirley Sherrod of USDA resigns

Shirley Sherrod, USDA’s black employee has resigned from her post on Monday in the wake of outburst of a video at conservative media outlets in which Shirley Sherrod is shown telling one of the audience that she had not given a white framer the full force of what I could do to help him save his family farm.

Tom Vilsack, the Agriculture Secretary said that he had accepted Shirley Sherrod’s resignation. Shirley Sherrod was working as USDA’s State Director of Rural Development for Georgia.

Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack said he had accepted the resignation of Shirley Sherrod, the department’s state director of rural development for Georgia.

Tom Vilsack further added that in USDA, they are following a zero tolerance for discrimination. He said that being Secretary Agriculture he condemns any discriminatory act against any person. He further added that at USDA, they are working hard for past 18 months to reverse the checkered civil rights history and they are taking fairness and equality as a serious matter at USDA.
It is reported that video was originally forwarded by Andrew Breitbart, the publisher of the Conservative website. The video was quickly picked up by Fox News from where it became viral resulting in the resignation of Shirley Sherrod. It is further reported that Shirley Sherrod used the alleged remarks at an NAACP Freedom Fund banquet. The number of audience of this banquet is unknown.
In the poorly shot low quality video, Shirley Sherrod is shown telling one of her audience that she did not extend full force to a white farmer to savehis family farm as he took a long time to show her that she he is superior to her. Shirley Sherrod is further shown proving that she did he job by introducing the farmer to a white lawyer figuring out that one of his own flock will take care of him well.
Apart from Shirley Sherrod’s discriminatory remarks, it is not clear that whether the farm was saved or no

Jessi Slaughter Kerligirl13: Fame on Youtube

Jessi Slaughter Kerligirl13
Jessi Slaughter, real name Jessica Leonhardt, is/was some camwhore drama-junkie, typically posting shit that most /b/tards couldn’t be bothered with, when the following went down.tumblr gained interest when an anon posted a “you rage, you lose” thread with one of her videos. Evidently, she also got molested by someone from a band you’ve never heard of. You should also know that she’s only 9 eleven fourteen eleven years old.
In her video, she trolls her haters by saying that she’s better than you, has more friends, and that you should get aids, then put a glock in their mouth and make a brain slushie. While most people agree that /b/ is not anyone’s personal army, tumblr took action and trolled the comments of said video. And thus, the Epic of Jessie Slaughter was born.

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Ayla Brown American Idol contestant

Ayla Brown American Idol contestant

Hot News Collection: “People can call me any name you want, but families are prohibited,” he said in his statement through a spokeswoman Gail Gitcho. “I love my daughters Ayla and Arianna much, any parent would be proud to have such as children. Must be Kathy Griffin, and Bravo to be ashamed of itself.”

Ayla Brown American Idol contestant

Amanda Logue, Jason Andrews accused of Abrahamsen’s Murder

Amanda Logue, runing a lingerie shop and prominent name in prostitution in her area, and Jason Andrews a deejay from Chicago, both indicted for Murder of Dennis at his Tampa-area home on the May 15 murder as the police said.

A text message from Andrews has become a proof for this murder and he has been arrested from Chattanooga. Previously Amanda Logue and Andrews tried to use Abrahamsen’s credit card and they were arrested on May. But at that time Police had no evidence to relate the events.