Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Shirley Sherrod was Forced to Resign

Shirley Sherrod forced to resign is report that is been revealed from sources which say that the black woman was told to resign from the agriculture office for no reasons. Shirley Sherrod who now is a former director of rural development of Georgia was been ordered by deputy under secretary of USDA Cheryl Cook to submit her resignation. Shirley reportedly said that she received a phone call from the undersecretary ordering her to submit the resignation.

She said that she was driving the car when she received the phone call and when she picked up the phone Cheryl said her that White house wants her to quit. Shirley said she got the call from the office twice and the last time she received the call she was been told to submit the resignation from her phone, which she did. The episode has now taken a controversial turn with some considering it an act of racism and some going against the fact. Sherrod eventually said that she became friends with Famer and worked with him for two years to help him avoid the foreclosure. Besides all these facts, the president of NAACP accepted the resignation saying that the organization does not have any tolerance policy.
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