Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Tempe Town Lake Collapse with big explosion

Tempe Town Lake Collapse with big explosion

Witnesses said the collapse of a portion of the dam was a big explosion. sirens filled the air as thousands of gallons of water flowing downstream from the lake. The people in the event that is suddenly a loud noise was due to water penetration, followed witnessed the dry bed of the Salt River was washed with water, and animals were in the path of the water began to fill with fear to flee. Like Tempe Town Lake and the police began rescue rushed to lay off staff, the bed of the river for people who can alert the stores in the bed of the river, people are often in the summer. Without these people were heard to be harmed, but it is likely that some could be drowned in water and their bodies were recovered after a while.

Shortly after 11:00 I look at Michael Monti Monti Casa Vieja and Paul Marquardt, said Chuck Box restaurant and the two were on the scene. We have been informed by reliable sources that the replacement of the section of Tempe Town Lake dam is already in the city. In fact, we were told that the four sections of the dam must be replaced in September this year. Hopefully the new section of the Tempe Town Lake Dam will be replaced soon. “Tempe is not easy, Tempe Lake,” Monti said some of the most important events and crowds flock to the lake twice a year publication.

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