Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Antarctic orcas dine on penguins discovered by Scientists

Antarctic orcas dine on penguins discovered by Scientists The scientists latest discovery is said to have found that the orcas were seen regularly feeding upon the penguins in Antarctica. It has also been known that the orcas generally predate the penguins in the northern parts and also along the sub Antarctic island region. But this time it is seen that it is for the first time that these are found seen hunting upon the birds that are in the Antarctic continental waters. Another point to see out was that these orcas were quite choosy regarding which bits and parts of thepenguins they were supposed to eat. They were seen more inclined over to take the best parts of the cuts of the breast meat of the penguin.

The further details regarding this have been published within the Polar Biology. The whole discovery was made by the group of the marine biologists namely Dr. Robert Pitman and Dr. John Durban who belong to the United States. They were involved in the research of the orcas and their behaviour which was seen around the area of Antarctic peninsula. In all, they came up with the above said conclusion about the orcas.
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