Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Success of IVF

Success of IVF after a complete cycle predicted by a test
It has been said that a model of personalized predictions might be of great help for those women so as to decide that whether their next coming up cycle for the IVF will succeed or not. This has recently been said by a group of researchers from the United States. The researcher’s team from the Stanford University which is in California has said that they have come up and developed a model with the help of the clinical data which they took from a patient’s previously done failed IVF treatment. It was further seen that nearly 75 percent of the in vitro fertilization and treatments were seen not resulting out in the live births.

The whole research is said soon to be produced in the Proceedings of the National Academy of the Science. However another thing to note here is that those women who were seen to have already been gone under this whole experience said that they were quite often not so sure that whether they should try to do the IVF again or not. It has been also said that the whole process of predicting the working of the IVF is not easy as it is said to be very tricky.
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