Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Indian hockey facing tough time

Indian hockey Scandal

Indian hockey has two major scandals that have surprised and shocked some and experiences related to sport. As noted, the Indian hockey has been a support staff of “alleged sexual misconduct” during the tour. In addition, MK Kaushik, what happens, the coach of Indian women’s hockey refused to fly to complain about the Asian Cup for a player.

the national sport of India was further controversy after a female staff member complained to hockey shook the leading authority of the sport in the allegations of sexual harassment by the coaching staff. Narinder Batra, general secretary of Indian hockey – the sport’s governing body said here – Spain real time on Wednesday that a cameraman was released for the Indian women’s hockey team after allegations of sexual exploitation against He supported a head coach MK Kaushik and other staff.

“Mr. Kaushik requests for sexual favors with the girls of Junior and the use of the vernacular, calling in his room under the pretext of the game session. The girls, all poor and humble too afraid to speak out againstthe coach. A few years ago, the coach also had adulterous relationships with a member of the coaching staff lady. It spoils the whole atmosphere of the camp together. Kaushik, when contacted, denied the allegations vehemently. ‘I do not know who wrote the letter. But who wrote it, I want the department to find and punish those guilty of slander my name. All this, I must say. ”

The letter continued: “Our team has had two cameramen. One of them is Mr. Basavraj, which is essentially a photographer of Sports Authority of India, Bangalore employs. He knows what the registration form and no computer skills. The other videographers Ms. Nalini H is a professional software. Nalini is the most important condition of the team in the role of video analysis in modern hockey. But take for each trip abroad Kaushik Basavraj with the team, the reason is Kaushik Basavraj bribes and buy drinks on tours abroad, and pay for their purchases. The whole team is angry against that. “

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