Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Bed Bugs Pests found in NY Shopping Mall

Bed Bugs Pests in NY Shopping Mall
Reports say that Bed Bugs or those itchy crawling bugs was been seen in one of New York’s East Side mall particularly Victoria Secret boutique. If this is true then this will really make a no no to go to that boutique or even to that mall so not to be hitchhiked by those hitchhiking bed bugs. I myself wouldn’t want to bring home or have it inside the car to crawl in it. To date, New York retailers bugged by the parasites include Abercrombie and Fitch and Hollister.
“Any business — siding companies — you wouldn’t think it but they do. Restaurants, furniture stores, hospitals, doctor’s offices, what else? Name something and they could have bed bugs,” Permakil Pest Control worker Ray Hardebeck said. ” They are going to be all over, everywhere before its all done with, unless we get some pesticides, some insecticides that work.”
The bad news is, chemicals used on the pests are monitored by the government and more effective chemicals such as DDT are banned.
It is very important that we all should inspect our clothes and bags especially items we purchase from malls so to make sure that we will not be infested by those creepy crawling pests. A Victoria’s Secret spokeswoman said the New York problem was a small “isolated” case. It is a reality that wherever you go infestation is possible so it is your personal responsibility to inspect and keep cautious diligence of checking your surroundings and your items.
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